22 Solid Reasons To Buy Property In Malindi


You probably have the popular understanding that land is one natural resource that is finite. Simply put, they aren’t making more of it. Buying land in Kenya can be a very tricky affair. Only recently did the Kenya Government start streamlining the land registry. 

Other than the fuzzy processes around land transactions in Kenya, the other thing that makes it tricky to own property in Kenya is the unclear manner in which commercial land sellers arrive at land prices.

At Mkaazi Real Estate we specialize in getting custom property solutions and cutting through the red-tape and fuzzy processes because we understand how to get value to our clientele.

In the process of looking for high-value property for our clientele, we discovered a niche in the Kenyan property market. A location with underpriced properties with very high potential. A location only 55 minutes from Nairobi. The place is called Malindi.

Here are 20 Solid Reasons You Should Own Property in Malindi.
1. Genuine Title Deeds

Land transactions get more complicated when property ownership changes hands several times, especially in the Kenyan property market. This is because land transactions have and still are largely manual paperwork. This provides room for human error as well as malicious manipulation of information. Therefore, a simple way to check if a property is ‘clean’ is when the owner has never changed since it was issued by the Government.  In this case, a bulk of the properties we are marketing in Kilifi county have never been sold since the government issued the title deeds.

2. Ridiculously Undervalued

Another way to tell a good property deal is by doing a comparison of values. This is where you compare the price of a similar size of the property in a similar location. Where in Kenya, within 50 minutes from Nairobi can you find land for as low as Ksh.65,000 per acre? .If you doubt it, here is a testimonial from one of our clients, and we have many happy clients.3. Market Trends

Another way to smell out a good property deal is to understand market dynamics. Malindi is in Kilifi County, the second-largest county in the Kenyan coastal region. Malindi earned the nickname Litle Italy because of over 30,000 Italians who holiday there every year. For a town of only 150,000 in population, that is considerable revenue generator . But after the 2008 global crash, the tourism tides changed. Most of the wealthy Italians who owned holiday homes in Malindi had to dispose of them, and the properties came into the market t undervalued prices. This is a location in Kenya where you can find a built up, fully furnished operational villa cheaper than an unfurnished apartment. How about that?.

4. Quick Property Transfers

The devolution of the Kenyan Government services introduced a welcome efficiency in property transfers. The transfer of title deeds for Malindi Properties are done at the county level in the Kilifi Lands office. In most counties in Kenya, the process has to be done in Nairobi, which makes it very hectic and time consuming. We have been able to do transfers within a month for our clients.

5. The Ocean

Did you know that the Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean in the world?. Yes, it is. This means that the sea breezes are heavenly. And regardless of which part of Malindi you are in, the beach is always less than 10 minutes away. With extensive, clean public beaches, you will enjoy some of the best ocean swims in the warm, blue, Indian Ocean.  The Kenyan coast and Malindi in particular has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with Marine parks, Windsurfing, Kite surfing, and unique restaurants with amazing cuisines to boot.

In property investment terms, this means that you have the very good possibility of generating excellent rental income in Malindi from tourists, both local and international because of the diverse attractions and experiences.

6. The Wildlife

Here is another surprise. Did you know Malindi is less than an hour and a half from Tsavo East National Park’s Sala Gate?. You literally can fly in from Nairobi and be in the park in the next hour watching elephants and back on the beach before the day ends. In tourism value, this offers one very unique opportunity.

7. Agricultural Opportunities

One of the stunning things we discovered in Malindi’s agricultural land for sale options is that they are mostly virgin land. We did some soil tests and the results were absolutely mind-blowing. You literally can grow any crop that is ok with the altitude.  A lot of low cost of land acquisition, sometimes as low as Ksh.50,000 per acre, agricultural high return investment options are very possible. Here is a company doing fully managed fruit farming investments in the Malindi region. The catch here is that if you are not a Kenyan citizen there are a few hoops to jump through before you can won agricultural land, and we can help with that.

8 Its Closer Than You Think

Most people think of distance in linear terms. If they live in Nairobi for example, and you tell them to invest in Malindi, some about 500km away by road, they just switch off.  But with an International Airport in Malindi, flying in from Nairobi or wherever else from the world changes the game completely. Malindi is only 50 minutes by air from Nairobi, and airfares start from as low as Ksh.4,000 one way, it makes a lot of sense.

To put that in perspective, 50 minutes is less than it takes for a regular commute from Nairobi CBD to most residential suburbs in Nairobi on a normal day.

The expansion of the Malindi Airport by the Kenya Airports authority is ongoing to ensure direct international flights.


The LAPSSET Corridor Program is Eastern Africa’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure project bringing together Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan. This mega project consists of seven key infrastructure projects starting with a new 32 Berth port at Lamu (Kenya);

  • Interregional Highways from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba (South Sudan),
  • Isiolo to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and Lamu to Garsen (Kenya),
  • Crude Oil Pipeline from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba;
  • Product Oil Pipeline from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Addis Ababa;
  • Interregional Standard Gauge Railway lines from Lamu to Isiolo, Isiolo to Juba, Isiolo to Addis Ababa, and Nairobi to Isiolo;
  • 3 International Airports: one each at Lamu, Isiolo, and Lake Turkana;
  • 3 Resort Cities: one each at Lamu, Isiolo and Lake Turkana; and
  • The multipurpose High Grand Falls Dam along the Tana River.

The LAPPSET project is well on its way to completion, and Malindi being the biggest town nearest to Lamu, there are definite benefits to be reaped. Considering the Lamu port will be 8 times larger the Mombasa.

10. The Weather

Being a coastal town, Malindi tends to be very warm all year round, but in comparison to other coastal towns and cities, Malindi is cooler because it experiences faster winds. This means overall, Malindi feels cooler. Also, the tree density in Malindi town is remarkably higher than in other coastal towns. Trees tend to make a location cooler. Most properties we have for sale in Malindi have mature trees, which not only adds beauty but makes them fantastically cool throughout the day.

11. The Culture

Malindi is a town that has a very unique and diverse culture. Everywhere you look around Malindi there are traces of influence from cultures all over the world. On one aspect, you have a rich historical East African heritage. But when you drive only a few minutes from town, you meet different cultures. You will definitely feel the Hakuna Matata Vibe in Malindi. The one thing you won’t miss if you come from a big city is the relaxed pace of life. . This means Malindi is definitely the place to be when you want to rest and relax.

12. The Nightlife

Malindians love to party and the town is famed for its vibrant nightlife. Malindi holidays are the best time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. The relaxed atmosphere of the town is so different from that of Nairobi and Mombasa, but it’s quite amazing. You can enjoy lively nightlife at the town’s various clubs and bars. If you love vibrant Nightlife, then you will fall in love with Malindi.

13. Everywhere is 5 Minutes Away.

The town of Malindi is planned out in a very unique way. And with a population of only 150,000 people, there never are any traffic jams. In Malindi, you can relax, I mean, what’s the hurry if everything you need is within 5 minutes?. No need to get to the airport an hour and a half early, just waltz in with minutes to spare, there are no queues, unless you arrive 5 minutes to boarding like most Malindians.

14. World-class Restaurants

If you are visiting Malindi for your next vacation, stay at some of the most stunning and luxurious resorts and hotels in the town. The hotels and resorts feature relaxing spas for exciting therapy and all-out indulgence, chic bars, and restaurant for fine dining, relaxing swimming pools, and much more.

If you love seafood, then you are in for a treat. With an ocean with abundant marine life, you can literally eat a different fish with every meal for a month and there will still be more to explore in Malindi’s cuisine. And yes, the fish is super fresh anywhere you go.

15. Affordability

Property values in Kilifi county at large are some of the most affordable in Kenya. Low land prices offer advantages where property taxes and related costs are also cheaper. Here is a good example, where you can own an acre of agricultural land for Kh.250,000 with a clean title deed. You can also own bigger tracts of land from as low as Ksh.85,000 per acre. 

16 . Golf

If you play golf, then you know Kilifi County is home to the only PGA rated Golf Course in Kenya at Vipingo. You can also play at the Malindi 9 hole Golf Club.

17. Security

The Kenyan coastal towns are no strangers to insecurity incidences. With Mombasa, the south coast, and Lamu being in the center of radicalization and terrorism attacks over the years. But interestingly, Malindi has enjoyed stability and peace over the years. This has a positive impact on long-term property values, informed by stability in revenues over time.

18 Diversity

The diversity in Kilifi County is not just in the culture but also in the Flora and Fauna as well as the natural features. Malindi town is at the estuary of Tana River, Kenya’s longest river. This provides for very rich marine life in the ocean. Snorkeling at Malindi’s Marine park, or watching the dolphins swim in Watamu are just amazing experiences.

Did I mention the sand dunes on Mambrui beaches? or bird watching Malind Falconry?, Or Turtle Watching in Watamu?. The list is endless.

19. Property Owners Who Live Out of The Country

Another advantage of the properties for sale in Malindi is that a good number of them are owned by people out of the country. People who live out-of-state (and even out-of-county) tend to be much more disengaged from their investment properties. Many of these people had to move away unexpectedly, and for whatever reason, they just don’t care about their property anymore. It’s an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. These people have a vested interest in liquidating as soon as possible because the property has become a drag on their finances. This means it is possible to find golden deals in Malindi, where high-value high return properties are now available at below-market values.

20 . Property Owners Who Have Owned Their Property Tor Ten Years or Longer.

Properties for sale in Malindi that have been owned for a longer period are much more likely to be owned free and clear. With these properties, the owner has more equity to play with, which gives them more freedom to sell their property at a HUGE discount. It also means the ownership of the property is clean and clear. Making it easy to transact.


Would you like to Yoga on the beach with a group of positive energy people? Or would you like to Zumba to the ocean breeze ? Or hitting the gym is your preferred style? Biking? Running?. Whichever your style, Malindi offers the best of the best. You can literally have it all and more.

22. Fresh Food

I am a fish lover, and I have a liking for fresh fruits. So living in Malindi has been a pleasure for my pallet, literally. I usually joke that there are no fast food joints in Malindi, which in a sense is true. With the weather, it only makes sense to prepare food ala carte. If you have a sensitive stomach, fear not. And if you love good food, the Malindi is the town for you.

So there you have it!.

The top 22 reasons you must own property in Malindi. Talk to us today to see our property options in Malindi. We will definitely get you a deal you will not get anywhere else.

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