Why Now Is the Perfect Time To Invest In a Home In Malindi

Invest In a Home In Malindi

Are you looking for a home in Malindi? An investment opportunity with potential for growth? Bringing returns in the long-term? If so, consider buying property in Malindi.

Malindi is a coastal town and one of Kenya’s premier tourist destinations on the country’s coast. With its white sandy beaches, rich culture, and amazing seafood, it has all the ingredients for a luxurious holiday destination perfect for amazing experiences.

But there’s something else that makes Malindi alluring: the real estate investment potential! Thanks to Malindi’s booming economy, steady population growth and rising real estate values – now is the right time to invest in a home and property at this beach destination.

In this article we will explain why investing in Malindi real estate could be a smart move and how you can get started building your portfolio today.

Benefits of Investing in Malindi Homes

Invest In a Home In Malindi

Investing in Malindi real estate developments has numerous advantages compared to other towns and locations in Kenya– it offers better yields, lower expenses and taxes which helps maximize profits – plus access quality lifestyles filled with an amazing living environment too! Here are the top benefits of investing in a home in Malindi

1. Better Investment Returns

Malindi has been enjoying steady economic growth over the past few years. Demand for real estate in Malindi has shifted upwards due to its unique location, expanding infrastructure as well as a reviving tourism industry such as large-scale resorts, luxury hotels and hospitality developments.

These new developments in the overall business environment of Malindi has created new opportunities for high yielding real estate investment opportunities. 

The expansion to a dual carriage way of the Mombasa-Malindi highway is now underway, with the first Phase from Mtwapa to Kilifi lauched earlier this year by president William Ruto. This big infrastructure project will esure quick and easy movement between Malindi and the second biggest city in Kenya.

2. Higher Rental and Resale Returns

Due to strong demand from local and international buyers, owning a property in Malindi town will generally result in higher rental or resale income from would-be tenants or purchasers because of the quickly changing market dynamics. Property values around Malindi town have recorded impressive value growth in the last three years from our market data. This is both in rental and value appreciation.

This growth in value has been spurred on by large infrastructure projects like the expansion of the Malindi International Airport to accommodate International flights. The land acquisition phase is complete, awaiting compensation and works to begin. This will make Malindi the forth airport in Kenya to have a runway long enough for large international aircraft to land. This has indications that the tourism and residential revenues in Malindi will grow considerably.

In addition, rental yields tend to be higher than other areas in Kenya due to high levels of occupancy rates, which make it more attractive to landlords looking for long-term investments.

3. Low Expenses & Taxes

For any property investment, taxes and expenses related to maintenance are important considerations. Luckily, costs associated with buying property in Malindi are relatively low compared to other parts of the country – making it an ideal place for investors who want maximum returns with minimal effort.

Property taxes here are also much lower than most developed regions of Africa – enabling owners to maximize their property earnings potential from minimum expenditure preferences. Kenya actually has the lowest Capital gains tax rates in the entire East African region, meaning investors get to keep more from property sale transactions.

4. High Quality Lifestyles & Amenities

Malindi’s impressive array of amenities makes it among one of the most appealing places to invest in Kenya today;

  • There’s access to modern hospitals, quality schools and universities catering for children at all educational levels.
  • Beaches spotless white sand that invites exploration after a long day at work 
  • Beautiful scenic landscapes boasting wildlife reserves, marine parks and national parks that draws tourists from around world annually
  • Exquisite restaurants selling sumptuous meals crafted by talented chefs
  • Colourful night life featuring folklore music performances that could be enjoyed every week.

All these combined make Malindi very attractive especially if you own a second home here! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for quality lifestyle options near  and still be within reach of great destinations like Lamu Island one of the ancient towns in Kenya , a UNESCO heritage center or Mombasa City.

 Overview of the Current Real Estate Industry in Malindi

Real Estate Industry

The construction of new paved roads branching out into the suburbs and former villages now flourish suburbs in Malindi has brought it to the attention of prospective investors. One such area is called Kibokoni, just behind the Malindi 9 hole golf course. Here is possible to own a superb half acre property on a cabro paved suburb driveway with power and water already on site for as low as Ksh.3.85M.

It is evident that certain decentralized regions, such as Witu, Kaoyeni, Takaye in the vicinity of the airport, and Ganda and Kakuyuni along the Tsavo road, are no longer solely viewed as farming opportunities zones, but rather as emerging housing sectors which are even bordering on social housing.

In short, the growth and expansion of the Malindi metropolis is leading to the quick emergence of new residential and mixed use developments that will maintain its identity as a place for amazing holidays and conferences.

So what are the costs, another aspect that compels investors?

If you are looking to build a private home, there are lots of great land options available in the immediate suburban area. Prices start at Ksh. 650,000 per acre (about 4,200 square meters), and can go up from there. A quarter of an acre, or 1,000 square meters, is usually what people go for will cost around Ksh. 650, 000 in a residential suburb.

Additional element possessed by Malindi that makes it an amazing investment opportunity in this article is disposable land and accompanying property titles correlated thereto.

The abundance of land for sale and its associated property titles makes it an ideal opportunity for foreign residents who can be confident that their investments are secure because of title deeds. 

Real estate opportunities in and around Malindi, Kenya are plentiful and varied because of the wide range of whats available, from low priced agricultural land to high-value resiendtial and mixed use property .

From luxury villas in the heart of the Malindi’s exclusive beachfront suburbs, ranging in price between Ksh. 50,00,000 to Ksh. 30,000,000 on one acre lots to more affordable options in safe and tranquil locations starting at Ksh. 600,000 – Ksh. 700,000 quarter acre lots in upcoming neighborhoods like Kakuyuni, there is something for every budget.

Reasons why Now Is The Perfect Time to Invest In a Home in Malindi

1. Low Mortgage Rates

Now is the perfect time to invest in a home in Malindi, as mortgage rates are currently at an all-time-low. According to reports by the Kenya property developers association, current mortgage rates are notably lower than those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and even lower than those recorded pre-pandemic.

Taking advantage of these low-interest mortgages presents a great opportunity for investors looking to buy real estate in Malindi; you can save thousands of Kenyan shilling over a period of time when compared with previous years!

With favorable prices, attractive mortgage rates, excellent weather, and robust job markets; it’s a wise decision for investors to consider buying homes or property in Malindi now.

2. Increasing Property Values

Investing in property right now can be a great way to make gains for your financial future. Buying real estate such as homes in the Malindi area of Kenya is particularly advantageous due to the rising values of properties in Malindi town and its environs.

Investors looking to capitalise on this trend will be happy to find that current property prices are reasonable and with few mortgages or even flexible term cash purchases, there are many opportunities for buyers not just investors, who could benefit significantly from investing now.

Not only that, but the potential rental yields of properties purchased in Malindi make it an attractive option for those who want to enjoy cash returns over time. ROIs from 8% for rental properties are robust and looking to grow.

3. Location and Climate

Invest In a Home In Malindi

Malindi is a coastal town in Kenya that offers amazing waterfront properties with stunning sunrises and lots of sunshine each year. Aside from its natural beauty, the location is conveniently close to other cities and transportation hubs, making it easy to get to any destination.

The warm climate makes it perfect for retirees, those looking for second homes or those just wanting an escape from the colder climates. With beach resorts readily available and recent infrastructure improvements being made, now is the ideal time to make an investment in Malindi’s real estate market.

4. Availability of Economic Opportunities

Now is an ideal time to invest in homes in the Kenyan coastal towns. The area has experienced a surge of economic opportunities over the past few years that have made it an attractive destination for real estate investors.

With its strategic location on the Indian Ocean and various natural resources, Malindi offers many advantages and benefits to those who are looking to purchase agricultural land. This is especially true since the cost of living in this area is relatively low compared to other regions of Kenya.

Additionally, there are a number of infrastructure investments being made by both private and government entities that are further improving this region’s livability.

Companies from around the world are also flocking to Malindi due to its excellent transportation networks, as well as its ample supply of skilled labour and potential for development. All in all, now is the perfect time to invest in homes in Malindi. Here are 22 more reasons why you should buy property in Malindi.

Additional Factors That Make Malindi an Attractive Place to Live

Invest In a Home In Malindi

Malindi offers a number of additional factors that make it such an attractive place to live. There are a variety of outdoor activities, local shopping, historical Island property and numerous dining establishments available in and within the a 2 hr reach from Malindi town and within Kilifi county.

Additionally, there are plenty of venues offering entertainment – from small music venues to larger theaters and open-air cinemas.

There is also the town beach which provides a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean, and the nearby Watamu National Marine Park is ideal for exploring. With its culture, food, activities and nightlife, beach life, Malindi is indeed an attractive location for those looking for a vibrant city lifestyle with some added natural beauty.

Conclusion: Maximising Returns in Malindi

In conclusion, investing in homes in Malindi is a smart move right now. The real estate market is booming, prices are competitive, and the area offers an array of attractions for residents and visitors alike.

In addition, Malindi has seen an unprecedented amount of investment from the government in recent years, meaning that there is potential for long-term growth. With all these factors taken into consideration, now is the ideal time to invest in Malindi’s real estate market. 

Contact one of our real estate agents who have decades of experience in ensuring all our esteemed clients are happy clients. They will walk you through the beautiful beaches in Malindi while advising you on the huge investment opportunities available for you to grab.

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