Here is why Ngong Is Getting Hotter

I am seated at a car wash on Forest lane road in  Ngong, as my car is getting cleaned, heavy trucks are turning , ferrying away soil as the earthmovers dig up the new road. Every few minutes a yellow school bus or school van passes by, surprisingly many, going up an unpaved road towards the hills.

The weaver birds carry on on the merry signing in the tree as across the road, the sun sets beautifully beyond the hills with the white windmills winking and waving it goodnight.

For someone pretty new in this locality, I am still surprised by the sheer volume of cars on the road. I have to admit, when the name Ngong Town would be mentioned, like most people I had this mental image of a sleepy old town next to some green rolling hills.

I just moved here, about a month ago, and I am liking the freshness of the air, and the slower pace of life. For someone who enjoys the outdoors, Ngong has offered me more than I bargained for.

Ngong is getting hotter, and it is not just about global warming, although that makes it more livable. It has more to do with the changes being experienced here that is very unique.

Running in Ngong

For a start, I love running in the mornings, and to jazz it up, I like taking a new route every day. I am not anywhere the fitness of Kipchoge, so don’t get any ideas. But, I try to run at least twice a week, for anywhere from 7 Km to 20 Km. And so far, it has been a blast!. For the last few weeks, I have ran a different direction, different roads, and experienced the beauty of Ngong sunrises. Apart from the predestine fresh air, nicely even, well-maintained roads to run, few to no cars on the road, and the frequent encounters with professional athletes on their daily runs the diversity of the terrain is what I enjoy most. From flat stretches, gentle descents to steep climbs, Ngong has it all.  Trust me, it brings out the best in any runner. Fancy how I found myself in Kiserian this Tuesday when I took a winding road, with my GPS intentionally off. I ended up walking about 10 Kms back because I was spent after 12 km of super-diverse terrain.

I love the greenery of Ngong. I would guess it has one of the highest trees to people ratios anywhere . Every direction you look, except when you are in the Ngong CBD, it is blissfully green. And it is not just in the rainy seasons, it is all year round. I hear it used to be greener than this by the way. Maybe that’s why the air is always fresh and clean.

Ngong Infrastructure Development

On the 16th of October 2019, President Uhuru Kenyatta opened the Syokimau – Suswa SGR route. With new train stations in Ongata Rongai, Ngong, and Suswa. Ngong is smack in the middle of that. In short, it is now possible to travel faster to the coast or to Suswa from Ngong town. There are also plans underway to create a new commuter train line to Ngong by the Kenya Railways Company.

In the same line of infrastructure developments, Ngong road expansion when complete, will provide a dual carriage highway from the CBD to Ngong. The 28 Km distance will take less than 30 minutes to drive. If we were to compare this with the other Nairobi metropolitan areas :

Nairobi metropolitan region covers approximately 32,000 km2 . This covers 15 No. local authority areas – City Council of Nairobi (684 km2 ); County Councils of Kiambu, Olkejuado, Masaku and Thika; Municipal Councils of Ruiru, Thika, Kiambu, Limuru, Mavoko, and Machakos; and Town Councils of Karuri, Kikuyu, Kajiado, and Kangundo (Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development, 2009, p. 38) .

Ruiru 24.3 km , Thika 45.1 km, Kiambu – 16 km, Limuru – 36.9 km, Syokimau -19.9 km , and Machakos 66.2Km , Karuri 19.4 Km, Kikuyu 20.4 Km, Kajiado 114.7 km, and Kangundo 81.4 km) .

Comparatively speaking, of all these Nairobi metropolitan towns, Ngong is currently experiencing the biggest infrastructure upgrades. With the new SGR station, New feeder roads, and the upgrading of Ngong Road to a dual carriageway as well as the new Suswa – Ngong – Kiserian – Isinya road, this town is opening up very fast. This is why KURA has a number of projects lined up for Ngong town, including the expansion of Ngong road to a dual carriage highway from Karen to Ngong town.

Ngong Property Values

When I did some research on the land prices in Ngong in comparison to other metropolitan centers, I noticed something really amazing. The land prices have had the second slowest growth over the last 10 years and I believe this is just about to change. Considering the infrastructural developments coming to Ngong, which the other Nairobi metropolitan towns are not experiencing, then it definitely is a trend to watch.

More on this report here

For this reason, it is still possible to buy a fully built, 3br+SQ , 100 SQM bungalow, on 1/8th of an acre in Ngong for Ksh. 7.5M.



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