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22 Solid Reasons To Buy Property In Malindi

You probably have the popular understanding that land is one natural resource that is finite. Simply put, they aren't making more of it. Buying land in Kenya can be a very tricky affair. Only recently did the Kenya Government start streamlining the land registry.  Other than the fuzzy processes around land transactions in Kenya, the other thing that makes it tricky to own property in Kenya is the...

Here is why Ngong Is getting hotter and why you should have cared 3 years ago

I am seated at a car wash on Forest lane road in Ngong, as my car is getting cleaned, heavy trucks are turning , ferrying away soil as the earthmovers dig up the new road. Every few minutes a yellow school bus or school van passes by, surprisingly many, going up an unpaved road towards the hills. The weaver birds carry on on the merry signing in the tree as across the road, the sun sets beautifully...

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